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ANNOUNCEMENT: My spice overhaul is released!

Updates, Announcements and shit...

Website updated 2/6/15
New Pack Released!   5/23/14
Completed the spice rarity chart after a long period of slacking... 5/11/14
Added a new spice, More future spices may be released... 5/11/14
Added my Spice Overhaul! 8/12/13
UI tweaks....  8/5/13
Ran a few updates....  8/5/13
Removed my spice mod to make an entrance for my spice overhaul! 8/5/13
Added MadEyeJude`s Prize Laser (feel free to download people)
Added Glassing Beam (Beam edition, no big boom... Great for slow pcs and ppl that hate big boom :(
Updated Glassing Beam (BIG BADDA BOOM Edition)
Updated Planet glasser (renamed into glassing beam and does more damage than before)
Fixed planet Glasser     
Added Planet Glasser   8/25/12
Added New Spices     first mod